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Wallace Wilson a.k.a. Red Rat was born January 17th in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica into a musically inclined family. It didn’t take Red Rat very long too love and become one with the stage. It was at the early age of four that he began singing for tourists at the hotels where his mother worked as a seamstress. He loved to entertain people and soon realized exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up.


Red Rat began performing on the local school circuit which caught the attention of Danny Browne, the producer/ musician CEO of Main Street Records. Impressed by the young performer's musical abilities and charisma, Browne did not hesitate to sign Red Rat at the tender age of 16 and mentored the artiste allowing him to nurture his talent and gain valuable experience alongside Main Street artists such as Degree, Buccaneer, Lady G and Papa San. 


Two years later, in 1996 he emerged on the International stage as one of Jamaica's most versatile, innovative and exciting performers when he heeded the words of the then label mate, Degree, who made the point-blank observation by saying, your complexion is “red” and you look like a “rat” and it was just that quickly that the artist known as Red Rat, was born.


After graduating with his diploma from high school, Red Rat under the watchful eye of Browne, moved full steam ahead.  He began releasing a string of hit singles including "Shelly-Ann" and "Dwayne", which catapulted him to the top of Reggae Charts worldwide, while showcasing his unmistakable voice, unique sense of humor and his unforgettable trademark "Oh-No!"


Red Rat’s debut album "Oh No....It's Red Rat!" quickly became one of Greensleeves Records’ greatest selling albums.  This made him the first artist on the label to hit “Gold” status, with hits such as "Tight Up Skirt", "Cruise" (featured in the movie 'The Big Hit'), "Big Man Little Yute", “Love Dem Bad” (featuring Buju Banton and “Wriggles”) to name a few. The album's success, steady radio play and demand for his outrageous live performances led to shows all over the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond. 

“I'm a Big Kid Now" followed in 1999 with more hits and critical acclaim. His musical diversity and mainstream popularity led to a series of collaborations with International artists such as Treach of Naughty by Nature, Kele Le Roc and British icons Groove Armada, of which some of the songs reached gold status. 


In 2004, the buzz from his fans anticipating a new album inspired Red Rat to return to the studio where he began recording new tracks with chart-topping producers including Scott Storch, Salaam Remi, Blackout Movements, Katana Records, Dias Brothers, Black Chiney and Cool and Dre. 


Working with these top producers led Red Rat to having the opportunity to work with Pop sensation girl group TLC, and also to partake and collaborate with Afeni Shakur in a tribute for her son Tupac Shakur, on the “Rose That Grew From Concreate” album.  Later this also led to Red Rat’s quote “…” being published on the cover of the book also named “Rose That Grew From Concreate”.


Sadly, in 2007 Red Rat’s father and musical inspiration passed unexpectedly right before they were supposed to collaborate for the first time musically. Red Rat was devastated and decided to take a break from and possibly quit the music scene. 


Reluctantly due to mourning his father and best friend, Red Rat accepted a movie role alongside Jackie Harry and Fazion Love called G.E.D. where he reconnected with Pascalli with whom he kept crossing paths with since 1999. During this emotionally trying time, she helped him and encouraged him to continue his passion for music. Her assistance allowed him to reflect on life itself, and the new direction in which his life was headed. Although difficult, Red Rat continued to collaborate with recording artist Mims, Lord Cassidy, and once again Groove Armada. The song “Final Shake Down” exceeded his expectations when Bacardi in Europe picked it up as their theme song for 2009. 


After realizing the dynamics between them, Red Rat and Pascalli together started Mogul Movements Worldwide and began producing, recording and touring the world together. He’s been her mentor, guiding her every step of the way. The pair wrote Pascalli’s first single together “HAUTE” in 2011 featuring Red Rat and Toledo which quickly rose to the top of the Caribbean Charts and was well received in the Central American market.  Later in 2012, Pascalli and Red Rat collaborated and together they wrote “Rise Up Zimbabwe”, which Zimbabweans still use as the country’s Independence Anthem annually.


In 2017, Red Rat once again collaborated with DJ Buddha, this time on a track called “Higher”.  The “Higher” track quickly gained traction topping over 21 million streams on Spotify. In 2018, “Higher” was licensed by Zumba due to its high-energy vibe and catchy hook. In addition, Red Rat also began working with Dominican producer Maffio in 2017 and collaborated with Puerto Rican singer, Jori Boy on the “Para Mi” track. He also worked with EDM producer Eva Shaw on “Dat Girl” which was released in 2020, and began exploring a new market.


Now, Red Rat is focused not only on his artistry but also writing and production along with his partner Pascalli, together they started Mogul Beatz collaborating with artists across the world in various genres, from Pop, Afro Beats, Hip Hop, Trap, R & B, Reggaeton, Dancehall and also EDM. Their first project together is the “Kwarantine” riddim featuring artists such as Ding Dong, Bay-C, a former member of the group TOK, Tifa, Pascalli and of course Red Rat himself.


While tearing down the boundaries and stereotypes that subsist in the world of Dancehall, Red Rat has made strides to break through the barriers that exist for the traditional dancehall artist. His song “Tight Up Skirt” is one of the most sampled Dancehall songs to date. Artists like Chris Brown used some of its tracks in his “Privacy” single, which grossed over 100 million streams on Spotify and views on YouTube.  Samantha J, Nadia Rose and many others have all used Red Rat’s tracks in their songs.


Red Rat is now all grown up, with a new image, new management, a new message and a whole armada of new songs. Everything is different, but nothing has changed. The tracks from the forthcoming album reflect a new direction for the artiste who has once again redefined himself. Red Rat is an artist, possessing the kind of greatness that ensures that his individuality is different from all the rest!

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